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PD-L1 Collaboration

As interest in our PD-L1 Analyte ControlDR product has increased since its launch, HistoCyte Laboratories Ltd has embarked on a number of collaborations. We recently concluded a study between ourselves and image analysis experts Visiopharm. This was conducted by a medical student seconded to our laboratories.

Arunn Sri Ravichelvan looked at what “failed” immunohistochemistry (IHC) tests with the cells looked like by image analysis. He did this by creating a baseline reading from standard IHC runs. He was then able to compare the following to this baseline: section thickness, inappropriate epitope retrieval, incubation times and antibody concentration. A pdf of the poster can be found here.

With additional data from other groups we will look to include this data in a future publication. This current data demonstrated how stable the product is across three independent batches of product. In addition to being a good quality control tool it could potentially help in troubleshooting a failed test.

We wish Arunn all the best for his future studies.