Our Management Team

We have a growing management team that brings a wide variety of experience and skills. This team is set to help drive HistoCyte forward and maximise on its potential.

Colin Tristram

Colin has over 20 years experience in the IVD market, specifically in tissue diagnostics having had roles in R&D, Innovation and the commercialization of products for this sector. Currently, he is leading HistoCyte Laboratories as it expands its product range to meet the demands of improving quality in immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization.

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John Tierney

John has worked extensively in the medtech field growing sales organizations and overseeing rapid growth of companies. His roles have seen him lead a variety of teams across the US and Europe leading to core growth and in some cases enabling acquisition. He has joined HistoCyte to help manage the rapid growth and commercialization of HistoCyte and its products.

Mark Campbell

Mark has grown with the organization having been with HistoCyte from the start. With nearly 10 years of leading organizational change and development to meet the needs of a rapidly growing business, Mark has overseen HistoCyte’s expansion and enabled it to succeed. With ever growing demands and a growing team there are few better positioned to help maintain HistoCyte’s success.

Jillian Dagg

Jillian joined HistoCyte as the company’s QA/RA demands have increased in line with its growth. Moreover, the company’s aspirations to develop further in the IVD market have warranted the need for someone with Jillian's expertise. As an ISO13485 company and the long terms plans being made, Jillian puts HistoCyte in a strong position to meet the ever-increasing needs of the market.

Our Group

HistoCyte Laboratories is part of the Atlas Antibodies family of companies. This means we have a wider network of abilities and expertise.

Atlas is based in Bromma in Sweden while our sister company is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Atlas has a history steeped in immunohistochemistry having come from the pioneering work at the Human Protein Atlas (HPA). While Evitria are a world leading manufacturer of recombinant antibodies excelling in the provision of large bulk orders of antibody.