ALK-Lymphoma Analyte Control

Our ALK-Lymphoma Analyte Control contains two cell lines that demonstrate positive and negative expression of NPM-ALK associated lymphoma.

This is a cost effective same slide quality control for use in immunohistochemistry (IHC) to demonstrate the reagents have been applied to the slide.

ALK-Lymphoma expression



Intruduction to ALK

The ALK translocation event was first identified in anaplastic large cell lymphomas (ALCL) and in this instance it is with the nucleophosmin (NPM) gene. The NPM-ALK fusion protein is readily detected with the use of anti-ALK antibodies such as ALK1, 4A5 and D5F3 clones available on the market. The relative expression of NPM-ALK is considerably higher than that of other ALK Fusion proteins such as EML4-ALK associated with non-small cell lung cancer.

These antibodies are able to be used across a variety of ALK fusion proteins by virtue of recognising the conserved C-terminal domain of the protein, which is the common fusion partner. Due to the relatively higher expression of NPM-ALK these antibodies are generally used at higher dilutions when compared to the working dilution of the same antibodies for EML4-ALK.


The cell lines provided by HistoCyte Laboratories Ltd for the ALK-Lymphoma product are positive and negative for the NPM-ALK product. The positive cell line is a Diffuse Large Cell Lymphoma and is also positive for CD30, which is important in the identification of ALCL.

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