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Focus on HPV

This month we turn our attention to our HPV/p16 products and we have adapted a presentation from earlier in the year that provides an analysis of the current situation. These products were born from a collaboration with Dr Max Robinson, a Senior lecturer in Oral Pathology at Newcastle University and Keith Miller from UKNEQAS-ICC & ISH.

In clinical trials the volume of control material for same slide use is excessive and therefore not consistent across all the tests considering the number of samples assessed. An inexhaustible supply of standardised material was extremely beneficial in this case. For external quality assurance assessments, while interpretation on tissue is important, standardised material to determine the technical aspects is vital. Of course the material lends itself to routine use being a cost-effective control for same slide use as previously described.

In this summary we provide some background to the product, the diseases and how the use of our control material can improve confidence in HPV in situ hybridisation and p16 immunohistochemistry results. It also details the results and findings of a ring study where we demonstrate the effectiveness across a number of sites. If you would like more information, please contact info@histocyte.