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BRAF Analyte Control

Our BRAF Analyte Control contains two cell lines that demonstrate positive and negative expression of the V600E mutation. Ideal for use as a same slide control in immunohistochemistry (IHC) to demonstrate the reagents have been correctly applied to the slide. Available now, please contact sales@histocyte.com or visit one of our distributors.

[HCL056]: BRAF Analyte Control (2 unstained slides)
[HCL057]: BRAF Analyte Control (5 unstained slides)
[HCL058]: BRAF Analyte Control (1 cell microarray block)

BRAF V600E positive and negative

There are approximately 300 BRAF mutations. They occur in a variety of tumours but account for ~50% of cutaneous melanomas. Of these, V600E accounts for 70-88% (valine to glutamic acid) of cases.
8-12% of metastatic colorectal cancers (mCRC) harbour the V600E mutation. BRAF treatment in mCRC does not provide clinical benefit, but ~30% of BRAF-V600E mCRC also have microsatellite instability. Therefore, if a patient is MSI High (i.e., abnormal MMR IHC; mutated MLH1, PMS2, MSH2 or MSH6) and are V600E positive, they are determined to have sporadic cancer, not hereditary.
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